A Midsummer’s Red Dream: A Collective Art Exhibition

I will never know how you see red, and you will never know how I see it” – Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red.

Think red, think summer, dream…

The subject matter for the first exhibition at BOCO Boutique Hotel is bound only to these three inspiring and intriguing words. Curated by Art Sweven, the exhibition is tied with the colour red, and the various artists were invited to express in vague or concrete ways an atmosphere of a dreamy summer or… a contradiction to that.

Red comes with the most eclectic range of meanings, from the symbol of victory and nobility, to sacrifice, danger, courage, heat, passion, sexuality, anger, blood, love, and joy, amongst others…

The inspiration for the exhibition title comes from the first room situated on the ground floor at BOCO, numbered 181 – the Pantone colour code for the hue of red paint used in this room – which will be open along with its private terrace during the launch of the exhibition.

Participating artists:

Victor Agius, Johanna Barthet, Rune Bo Jakobsen, Debbie Bonello, Andrew Borg, Fabio Borg, Clint Calleja, Dave Calleja, Sarah Calleja, Jo Dounis, Henry Falzon, Antoine Farrugia, Madeleine Gera, Stephen Saliba, Darren Tanti.

The opening night will be held on the 22nd of June 2022 from 7:00pm until 9:30pm.

RSVP to receive your personal invite for the Daringly Red opening night at events@bocoboutique.com. Dress to impress in your best red ensemble.

Check out the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2GkE8rLOO

This exhibition will run until July 17th 2022. Opening hours from June 23rd onwards are 10:30-14:30.


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