About BOCO Boutique

Boco Boutique is situated in Cospicua, located merely 200m away from the Dock 1 area and the medieval centre of the town. The medieval name of the town is Bormla, derived from the original Phoenician burmula, means “higher than the surroundings”. Indeed the house overlooks the town with magnificent views across Grand Harbour and to Valletta, and even Mdina the old capital city of Malta, is visible from the penthouse. Both Valletta and Mdina are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Great Siege in 1565 saw the Maltese knights’ tumultuous victory over the Ottomans, and Valletta started being constructed a year after to build an impregnable fortress city. The knights then moved from the Three Cities to Valletta and set up their auberges there, and Valletta became the new seat and capital. Yet the Three Cities retain their charm as the oldest towns of Malta with their intricate alleys, yet also adorned with wide open spaces and piazzas. In memory of this victory, the other two (of the three) cities were re-named: Birgu declared Città Vittoriosa and Sengea declared Città Invicta. Yet Bormla, the largest of The Three Cities lay in their shadows.

The Sovereign Order of St John’s 65th Grand Master, Fra’Marc’Antonio Zondadari recognised this injustice, and in 1722 declared Bormla also a city and named it Città Cospicua. Zondadari’s wish being that Bormla grows and thrives to become a truly conspicuous city.

Yet Grand Master Zodadari’s vision lay un-fulfilled for almost 3 centuries. It is only now in the 21st century that we are seeing Bormla rising like a phoenix.

To transcend the historical Bormla into Zondadari’s Cospicua, this is how the name BOCO was formulated. Bormla becoming Cospicua; the contemporary with it’s historical past… BOCO.

Respecting our heritage for tomorrow’s vision, Boco Boutique pledges to help attain the fine Grandmaster Zondadari’s dream. The decor of the house will respect and honour this ascendence of the old Bormla into the new Cospicua. A multitude of art pieces and installations adorn the house, not only preserving the traditional richness inherited but also ascending to the vision of this ambitious project.

Today BOCO Boutique welcome it’s guests in 6 unique and bright guest rooms, designed and decorated in the spirit of BOCO. Let us host you for some days for a truly authentic stay in Malta.