Traveller Review Awards 2020

Traveller Review Awards 2020

BOCO Boutique has once again topped the Traveller Review Awards with a score of 9.3! With a marginal increase over 2019, the management is confident that the continuous response to guest feedback has been key in increasing the score over the last 12 months.

“We must thank our staff for their dedication and attention to detail.” adds Birgit Oidram, Director of Operations.

The Traveller Review Awards is an annual appreciation programme that recognises partners for their exceptional hospitality, as evidenced in the review scores left by travellers after their stay or experience.

This is the 8th Edition of the Awards.

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  1. Birgit: i was told by michael shumacher at the university of konstanz that you were in malta. i believe i taught a class you were in when you were an erasmus student there. i remember you were from Estonia , a county whose education/ vocational system i am interested in learning more about. i’m planning on visiting friends/colleagues in sweden and finland this fall(late august /september) and this could be an opportunity to visit Estonia? do you know who i might contact there?
    i have done a lot of work on youth unemployment in Sicily–especially in the catania-messina region. i have flown on air malta many times but have never been to Malta. i’ll bet it is a little warmer/sunnier there than it is in Estonia. i hope this email is not a bother.

    Michael J Camasso Rutgers University new jersey USA
    Jan 30, 2020 Reply

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