Traveller Review Awards 2024

The BOCO Boutique team was so thrilled to once again be recognised by as one of Malta’s top boutique hotels with a Traveller Review 2024 score of 9.6, up from 9.5 in 2023. “The key is passion, continuous improvement, never resting on our laurels or taking anything for granted. This then makes it easier […]

Falling Angels & Demons

A Cocktail and Wine Event 11/11 – An angel number. This divine number is a message from the universe letting you know that you are on the right path – everyone’s is unique. What’s yours? Is it a devilish path, an angelic one or somewhere in between? Whatever path you may truthfully lead or daringly […]

Spritz Exclusive Event

An exclusive Summer Spritz Event to celebrate this past Summer whilst welcoming Autumn. Let’s enjoy sipping away a variety of free-flowing Spritz Cocktails whilst vibing to good music to ultimately create more Sparkly Spritzy memories at BOCO Boutique.  

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere – a collective Art Exhibition exploring guilty pleasures

The ongoing collective art exhibition at BOCO Boutique Hotel will be delving into the topic of Guilty Pleasures. Participating Artists: Aaron Bezzina, Daniel Borg, Roderick Camilleri, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Rupert Cefai, Antoine Farrugia, Karl Froman, Lawrence Pavia, Amelia Saint George, Mario Sammut, Darren Tanti. Guilty Pleasures are personal and intimate activities or habits that one […]

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