Time-Machine – join local scientist on a journey of discovery

Time-Machine – join local scientist on a journey of discovery

Join Heritage Malta at the National Museum of Archaeology, Malta to be a part of this unique event, giving you the chance to find out how scientists explore and investigate cultural heritage objects. New technology which is built on the principles of physics, allows scientists to do this without so much as touching the actual object.

See how Heritage Malta’s micro-XRF system is used to analyse elements non-invasively, and discover how new imaging systems have changed the way scientists are able to study cultural heritage. Take the opportunity to do some investigating yourself, including samples of pigment analysis, detecting pigment deterioration and identifying an artist’s palette. Younger science enthusiasts will have the chance to understand how different forms of matter interact with materials enabling scientists to use them for different imaging applications.

Come and see how this technology, unique to Heritage Malta, is utilised in support of historical research and/or conservation treatments. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to travel through time while discovering how this specialist set up works.

A full programme can be viewed on www.scienceinthecity.org.mt

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