Old town by Candlelight

Every year, in the neighbouring historic old town of Vittoriosa (Birgu), a unique celebration of culture and art takes place in a setting of candle-lit cobbled alleys.

Guests staying at BOCO Boutique can easily reach Vittoriosa by walk and enjoy a programme spanning over the whole weekend. Visitors can also enjoy different experiences such as, historical reenactments and dinner by candlelight in the beautiful town square.

Most of the museums and historical buildings in the area open to the public (at a discounted price). This includes the magnificent architectural gem of Fort St. Angelo, a large fort located at the centre of the Grand Harbour that was central to the Island’s defence during the Great Siege of 1565.

Visitors are encouraged to take their time to discover the area. They can do so by visiting one of the many exhibitions by local artists, attending one of the many of musical expressions, visiting historical buildings and museums, and tasting a wide selection of Maltese food.

This event will take place between the 11 -13 October 2019


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Piece of Mind

At BOCO Boutique we were always committed to rigorous cleaning procedures. For your peace of mind, and ours, we have now enhanced this even further.