Malta International Arts festival – a colourful kaleidoscope

Malta International Arts festival – a colourful kaleidoscope

The Malta International Arts Festival provides a dynamic platform through which established and emerging Maltese artists can showcase their work and engage with broader audiences.

“With our unique position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, we can act as an artistic bridge between Europe and the African coast. We are also right in the middle between East and West, and are very lucky to be an island imbued with history – history that we can look back to, react to, be inspired by and use as a canvas. This provides us with an incredibly diverse, rich and colourful tapestry to work on, and create something new; fusing different cultures, using our heritage, but also looking beyond.” insists Michelle Castelletti, artistic director for the festival.

Each year, the festival strives to enrich the cultural calendar with a host of events, including virtuoso music performances, visual installations, dance, and well-established international acts performing at various venues in and around Valletta.

The festival opens on 29th June and offers a full programme of events until the 16th July, 2017. Further information may be found here.

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